Over 12,000 ambassadors of the CEMS Global Alliance, working together across the world.

Alumni of the CEMS MIM represent 91 nationalities and work in over 75 countries in a range of industries like Consulting, Consumer Goods, Technology and Finance. 

They take diverse career paths, are on better pay conditions than in previous years and have the international profile to be able to change and adapt to change with greater ease than most. The spirit of enterprise is also evident, with many alumni going on to create their own business and with considerable success.

The contact of CEMS MIM students with multinational corporate partners from the very start of the MIM is instrumental to this. They graduate with a sound grounding in management education, complemented with the skills and tools required to succeed in international business.

The achievements of our alumni serve as a ringing endorsement for the MIM. 

Alumni Life

CEMS Alumni benefit from a wide range of services and opportunities, enriching in both social and professional terms.  

CEMS Alumni Association

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The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is a crucial pillar of the CEMS Community.

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Engage in personal development opportunities and promote and support the CEMS MIM programme to increase the reputation and value of your own Master's title.