CEMS Clubs

CEMS Clubs work very closely not only with students but also with the Student Board and most notably the CEMS Programme Manager, in some cases the Corporate Relations Manager and Academic Director as well. Depending upon the kinds of events and initiatives organised, they will also be working on a regular basis with local CEMS alumni and Corporate Partners. Every club has an elected President and Vice-President/Treasurer.

The purpose of CEMS Clubs includes:

  • To support networking amongst CEMS MIM students
  • To raise awareness of CEMS and the CEMS MIM in the local community
  • To support the CEMS MIM academic programme on the local level
  • To become an additional form of managerial development to the students by engaging in real-world initiatives and projects

CEMS Clubs presidents are provided with an interface to update the information listed within the Student Private Zone (login needed)

Be sure to visit your private zone to get the full description of each CEMS-Club (Contacts, Groups, Websites, Social media pages ...)