Boards & Chair

The Management of CEMS comprises of two boards: the Strategic Board, which convenes once per year, and the Executive Board, which convenes twice per year.

The Boards are overseen by the CEMS Chair and Deputy Chair, who are elected on a two-year mandate.

The current Chair is Gregory WhitwellDeputy Chair is Lars Strannegård

The current Chair is Gregory Whitwell (left), Dean of the University of Sydney Business School and the Deputy Chair is Lars Strannegård (right), President of the Stockholm School of Economc.


Strategic Board

  • Members of this Board include Rectors and Deans of CEMS Academic member schools and senior representatives of CEMS Corporate & Social Partners as well as the CEMS Chairman and Executive Director.
  • This Board defines the vision and mission of CEMS and gives its views and perspectives on categories of activities where CEMS can add value for its members.
  • Keynote speakers, specialists and other non-regular participants can attend upon invitation from the CEMS Chairman.

Executive Board

  • The CEMS Executive Board is the governing body of CEMS. It is made up of members from each stakeholder group: schools, corporate & social partners, students and alumni.
  • Presided by the CEMS Chair, the Executive Board meets twice a year. The Board is responsible for defining enabling strategies to implement the CEMS vision and mission into concrete activities. It decides on CEMS products and votes on any major change in the CEMS MIM curriculum.
  • The Executive Board also votes on the creation of Permanent Committees and elects Chairs to run CEMS operations.