ESADE Business School (Spain)

ESADE is a modern, outward-looking academic institution, which contributes to the development of competent, critically minded individuals. Through its historical links with the corporate world and society, it has become a lively platform for debate and social involvement.

Sant Cugat del Vallés
Av. Torreblanca, 59
Sant Cugat del Vallès, BA 08172
Phone: +34- 935 543 511
41° 28' 11.9028" N, 2° 5' 1.2516" E
CEMS University Campus
CEMS abbreviation : 

 CEMS Programme Manager (PM)

Maja Murko

CEMS Programme Manager
Phone: +34 932 806 162
Fax: +34 - 932 048 105

Martina Steffens

CEMS Programme Manager
Phone: +34 935 54 35 11
Fax: +34 932 048 105

 CEMS Corporate Relations Manager (CRM)

Kim Tombarelli
Phone: +34 - 935 530 228
Fax: +34 - 932 048 105

María José Verastegui

Director of Career Services, University Programmes
Phone: +34 935676684

 CEMS Academic Director

Alberto Gimeno

CEMS Academic Director
Phone: +34 932 806 162
Fax: +34 932 048 105

Target of this fact sheet: Prospective CEMS students applying to MSc+MIM


Contact people for application questions

 Programme Info

MSc degrees offered in combination with CEMS MIM: 
Master in Marketing Management, Master in International Management, Master in Finance, Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Application Deadlines:

 MSc Academic Expenses

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared)450 € - 700 €
Transportation110 €
Meals & groceries200 € - € 300
Miscellaneous150 €

Target of this fact sheet: Enrolled CEMS MIM Students before their term abroad

 Academic Information

Required Documents before arrival: 
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • Student Visa (contact Spanish consulates in the home country)
  • Proof of Health Insurance with International coverage

Any other required information will be indicated in the welcome email.

Course offer availability and registration: 
The CEMS Programme course offer will be available on ESADE intranet in June 2012.
Language(s) of Instruction other than English: 
English and Spanish
Language requirement: 
Language offer: 
From 2014/15 onwards, Incoming exchnage students can do the CEMS Elementary level Spanish course to be accredited as 3rd Language requirement. The course will startFall term: 2.9.2014 - with first intensive module of 40 hours during first two weeks in September, and continue in extentive module from October to December.Spring term: from 14.1.2014, with first intensive module of 40 hours during 14.1.2015- 23.1.2015, and continue in extensive module from February to mid May.This course will have 5 ECTS and can count as Open Elective.ESADE also offers Spanish accredited CEMS course of the level B2 and C1 in Fall and Spring semester. Minimum number of students for the course to be confirmed is 6. 
Minimum and Maximum Workload requirements: 
27 - 30 ECTS per term
Terms Dates
Academic YearTerm 1Term 2
Terms Dates : Details
Term 1Term 2
Terms Dates details :September 14 - December 20, 2014February 2 - May 22, 2015
Welcome Day / Orientation weekInstitutional Welcome: September 25, 2012RGL seminar on 29-30 January 2015
Block Seminar / Launch EventBusiness Communication Skill Seminar: September 25-26, 2014, CEMS Block Seminar: September 14 - 19, 2014RGL - 29-30 January 2015
School Vacations / Public HolidaysSeptember 24, October 12, November 1, December 6, December 8Easter break: March 30 - April 6, May 1,
Exam PeriodMostly exams are held in the week of 15-19 December 2014Exams will take place in the week of 11th of May 2015, except for intensive courses. CEMS Business project final presentations will be on 22nd of may 2015.

 Academic Expenses

MIM Academic Expenses: 
Tuition fees are waived. Costs of the Block Seminar: 250 € (with accomodation).

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared)450 € - 700 €
Transportation110 €
Meals & groceries200 € - € 300
Miscellaneous150 €

 Services and Facilities

Health insurance: 
Exchange participants must arrive with their own health insurance that covers all international incidents. More information about health insurance can be found in the ESADE Exchange Student Guide, which is available on the ESADE intranet.
EU citizens only need a passport or national ID in order to enter Spain.    Non-EU citizens may or may not need a Student Visa, depending on their nationality and their length of stay. Please consult the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain details regarding your situation. If you need to apply for a Student Visa (Visado de Estudiante) you will be asked for the following documents: 
  • Passport (valid for at least 1 year from date of application)
  • 2 Passport-size photos
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of medical/accident insurance to cover length of stay
  • Letter of Acceptance from ESADE
  • Other documentation, like proof of residence in Consulate’s jurisdiction, a medical certificate, or a certificate of absence of a police record may also be required
The Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your home country will decide whether to issue a 90-day visa or a 180-day visa. For longer stays, you must apply for a 90-day visa and then apply for a Student Residence Card within the first 30 days of your arrival. Please check the Exchange Student Guide for more detailed information.
Please check the Exchange Student Guide for more detailed information (published on the ESADE intranet) or contact ESADE's International Student Advisor:

Check out CEMS partner HousingAnywhere in addition to the local offers

Other facilities: 
Participants have access to the library, computer room, and computer assistance.
Internships support and national regulations: 
Open to exchange students under certain conditions. Please contact the Career Services team:

Check out CEMS Internship Guide

Orientation / CEMS Club and other Student Clubs: 
ESADE organizes an orientation programme at the beginning of each term which includes:
  • A Spanish language course with no cost to the student.
  • A Welcome Session which provides students with detailed information about registration procedures and courses.
  • An introduction to Barcelona and Spain
  • Housing Advice and Library resources.
  • City Tour around Barcelona with International Student Association members.
Information about the city / the country: 

Target of this Form: Enrolled MSc students applying to MIM at this school