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Fővám tér 8.
Budapest H-1093
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CEMS abbreviation : 

 CEMS Programme Manager (PM)

Anita Szöllősi
Phone: +36 14825421

 CEMS Academic Director

Richárd Szántó

Vice Dean

Target of this fact sheet: Prospective CEMS students applying to MSc+MIM


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 Programme Info

MSc degrees offered in combination with CEMS MIM: 
  • MSc in Marketing in English
  • MBA in English
  • MSc in Management and Leadership (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Finance (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Marketing (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Accounting (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Logistics (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Tourism Management (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Business Development (Hungarian)
  • MSc in Business Information Systems (Hungarian and English)
  • MSc in Logistics (Hungarian)
Application Requirements: 

In order to apply to CEMS MIM at Corvinus first you must be accepted at one of the MSc programs offered in combination with CEMS MIM.

Application requirements:

Step1. Application to the MSc program at Corvinus: All Hungarian citizen applicants must apply through the central national admission centre (Országos Felsőoktatási Információs Központ (OFIK) and must apply as indicated in the hard copy application guide (Felsőoktatási felvételi tájékoztató) or on the official website of the admission center (

Step 2. Application to CEMS MIM:

Foreign citizen applicants must apply according to the following requirements:

Applicants must hold at least a BA or BSc degree in Business studies and will have completed a minimum of 180 ECTS credits within the frame of the given program.

Step 1. Application to MSc in Marketing or MSc in Business Information Systems

Step 2. Application to CEMS MIM



Application Deadlines: 
For MSc programmes for Hungarian citizens: 15 February
For MSc in Marketing for foreign citizens: 31 May
For CEMS MIM program: November each year
Required Documents: 

Application requirements connected to MSc programmes in Hungarian can be found at: and

Application requirements for MSc in Marketing in English:

or MSc in Business Information Systems

Required documents for CEMS MIM application:

  • Filled in Application From.
  • Application form printed from Cems database
  • Application form printed from Mobility in 2 copies
  • Proof of completion of previous bachelor studies, copy of Bachelor degree
  • Copy of official transcript from previous bachelor program
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from a former professor
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Proof of extra language exams
  • Proof of any activities listed on the above link in extracurricular activities
  • Non-Hungarian applicants: copy of the photo page of your passport or a photo-ID

Student Selection Dates: 

For CEMS MIM: Submission of application documents is in November

                      Interview: January

Language of Instruction: 
CEMS MIM:English
Duration and Full-time Workload: 

Please visit our website at

Term Dates for the Master Programme(s): 
Please visit our website at

 MSc Academic Expenses

Tuition fees, Scholarships: 
Please visit our website at

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared) 300 – 400 EUR per month per person, depending on the size and location of the flat as well as on the number of students sharing it.
Transportation12 EUR / month
Meals & groceries300 EUR / month
Additional Expenses : 

Academic related expenses (student ID, books, photocopying, etc.): about EUR 50 – 100 per semester.

Target of this fact sheet: Enrolled CEMS MIM Students before their term abroad

 Academic Information

Required Documents before arrival: 

■ Online registration in the Mobility system.

Enrolment as visiting Student: 
Course offer availability and registration: 

CEMS students at CUB may choose their courses from the CEMS course list which can be found on and

Detailed syllabi can be found at:

Language(s) of Instruction other than English: 


Language requirement: 


Minimum and Maximum Workload requirements: 

In CUB, you must enrol for at least three courses during your stay. As to your CEMS minimum credit requirement, please confer with your home school coordinator. (Suggested by CEMS: 30 credits for first term, 15 for the second) As a CEMS student, you must take the mandatory CEMS course offered during your stay in CUB (Fall: Global Strategy, Spring: Global Management Practices)

In CUB there is a maximum of five courses which can be followed during a semester. Each CEMS course is 6 ECTS. The average quantity of work required of a full-time CUB student is generally fixed at 60 ECTS per year.
5 courses / semester is a full time workload (30 ECTS) A Course is 2x90 minutes per week.

Exams, Grading and pedagogical principles: 



At Corvinus University the grading system is on a 5 point scale where 1 is a fail and 5 is excellent.


Local Grading 

Equivalent ECTS Grade 



















Terms Dates
Academic YearTerm 1Term 2
Terms Dates : Details
Term 1Term 2
Nomination Period :AprilOctober
Student Registration Period :MayNovember
Terms Dates details :September – DecemberFebruary – May
Welcome Day / Orientation weekEarly SeptemberEarly February
Block Seminar / Launch EventEnd of August, Early SeptemberEnd of January / Beginning of February
School Vacations / Public HolidaysThe University is closed on these days: • New Year's Day (January 1) • Memorial Day of the 1848 Revolution (March 15) • Easter (Sunday and Monday) • Labour Day (May 1) • Whit Monday • St. Stephen's Day (August 20) • Memorial Day of the 1956 Revolution (October 23) • All Saint's Day (November 1) • Christmas (December 25, 26)
Exam PeriodDecember - JanuaryMay – June

 Academic Expenses

MIM Academic Expenses: 

Block Seminar fee : 290 €

Responsible Global Leadership Seminar: 100 €

 Living Expenses

Estimated monthly budget for single students:

Housing (shared) 300 – 400 EUR per month per person, depending on the size and location of the flat as well as on the number of students sharing it.
Transportation12 EUR / month
Meals & groceries300 EUR / month
Additional Expenses : 

Academic related expenses (student ID, books, photocopying, etc.): about EUR 50 – 100 per semester.

 Services and Facilities

Health insurance: 

All international students are recommended to insure themselves in their home country. (if your health insurance card does not specifically state that it is valid for EU member states or that is valid specifically for Hungary, please ask your insurance company to supply you with an official letter to this effect as the Hungarian Immigration Authorities may need this statement when you arrive to Budapest). NB: The health insurance must provide full coverage, emergency health insurance will not be accepted.

Valid Insurance for the duration of your stay in Hungary is obligatory (EU Health card is accepted in Hungary).  



Residence Permit & Entry Visa



Entry Visa

Residence Permit


EEA Countries (including Norway, Iceland, Switzerland & Lichtenstein)




Australia, Canada, Japan,  Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, United States of America,




Other Countries





*EU students will still need to go to the immigration office to obtain a registration card if their stay (continuous) exceeds 90 days.

Immigration office page for Residence Permit for the Purpose of Study:

Visa Application




1. Valid passport (the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at

least 3 months).

2. 2 passport-size color photos (not older than 6 months).

3. A wholly and legibly completed, signed “residence permit” application form. The

application forms for the residence permit and also those for other documents are

available on the web site of the Immigration Office (see above)

4. Supporting documents of the subsistence (i.e.: a recent bank account statement, a

notarized letter in English or Hungarian from your parents certifying that they will

finance your costs for the duration of your stay in Hungary, official letter proving that

you have received a scholarship – including the amount of the scholarship in


5. Valid health insurance for the duration of your stay in Hungary

6. A certificate of school attendance/or official Letter of Acceptance to the school.

7. A document certifying accommodation in Hungary (the document certifying

accommodation in a student hostel or the tenancy contract with a duplicate of the

title deed).

8. Attestation of the school that the applicant is exempt from the payment of school

fees or that he/she has already paid the tuition fees.





Accommodation & Living Expenses

International students usually rent apartments together with friends. Renting a flat in the city ranges from about 350 to 450 EUR/month, depending on the size and location of the flat and on the number of students sharing it. For more information about accommodation in Budapest go to our website:

CEMS Club Budapest will also send you a housing brochure soon to help you find a flat.

 or visit:

For an apartment house:

 Living expenses in Budapest based on the feedback from our visiting students: 500-800 EUR/months. This amount includes accommodation, travel and other living expenses.


Check out CEMS partner HousingAnywhere in addition to the local offers

Other facilities: 

·         Corvinus Library: Along with books and periodicals students can access electronic databases. The modern state-of-the-art building provides them with both individual and group study spaces, lockers, printing and scanning facilities. The staff of the Library kindly asks you not to forget your library card when going to the Library. Fee of issuing the student library card: 1000 HUF.

·         Financial Laboratory: In 2013, Corvinus opened its financial laboratory. The laboratory hosts 12 Bloomberg terminals, a widely used professional trading and data resource in the finance industry. The goal was to establish a Trading Room, where - in accordance with international trends - the Corvinus University of Budapest can support finance education and research methodologies.

IT Services

·         Computer rooms: Students are free to use the computers on campus for study.

·         Campus-wide Wi-fi


·         Neptun

An IT system for course administration. This is where you will register for your courses.

·         Moodle

Moodle is an online learning platform that will be used by professors and students. You will be able to watch the slides of presentations and upload your homework here.

·         IT Help Desk

This is the office where you can get help with Neptun/wifi/ Moodle and other IT related issues.

Help Desk: room 25 Salt House, Pest Campus

Opening hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.



Check out CEMS Internship Guide

Orientation / CEMS Club and other Student Clubs: 

CEMS Club Budapest

Information about the city / the country:

Target of this Form: Enrolled MSc students applying to MIM at this school