Two  blocked seminars  were organised :

      “Managing Luxury Brands in Global Markets” (HEC, 6-10 September). On-campus seminar organized by Anne Michaut-Denizeau, who was unable to attend the meeting, but sent her presentation before the meeting. Together with Anne Michaut-Denizeau, the seminar was taught by HEC colleagues participated, including Jean-Noel Kapferer, Vincent Bastien and Corinne Dauger who elaborated on luxury branding theory, strategy and innovation. The seminar closed with student project presentations at LVMH.  A CEMS dinner was organised. Students were graded on cases, the project and on a little report on the lectures. There were a total of 42 students, coming from  multiple CEMS schools. The evaluations were very good, the overall satisfaction was 4,0. HEC announced that the seminar will be reoffered later.

     Vienna organized a Blocked Seminar on Doing Business in CEE: Marketing Challenges in a Dynamic Business Environment. (13-18 September). Under the leadership of Barbara Stöttinger. Other faculty members included Petr Král (Prague) who reported about the seminar, Malgorzata Lewandowska (Warsaw) and Katalin Nádasi (Corvinus). Participants arrived from different schools, mainly from Vienna, Copenhagen, Bergen and other schools. Someone remarked that Vienna students represented multiple nations of origin that was quite helpful in the project of launching a new product (Zotter) in multiple CEE markets. The group meeting participants agreed that the Vienna seminar format could be utilized as a best practice. The seminar started with a theoretical exam based on the academic readings assigned. That made sure that participants are active and prepared from the very beginning. The seminar was very well received by the participants, the overall satisfaction reached 4,6.  The seminar had several social activity events. Barbara Stöttinger plans to offer the seminar again in 2011.


Work in progress: 

Stockholm volunteers to organise the faculty group meeting in 2012, scheduled for Friday March 23th. The meeting is going to be held in Stockholm. For 2013 St. Petersburg is considering hosting the group meeting.


New casebook “Marketing Challenges in a Diverse European Market”