Student Life

The CEMS Global Alliance is lucky to have a mobile and energetic student body that makes things happen. Student life crosses boundaries, and not just geographical ones, in all kinds of ways.

CEMS Students are centrally represented by the Student Board, can make things happen on a local level via CEMS Clubs, benefit from alumni support via the SAMP mentoring scheme and get involved in CSR-related projects on an increasing basis.


The widespread nature of the CEMS student body is quite the opposite of a hurdle to a rich and enjoyable student life - it is one of the main reasons for it.

CEMS MIM Webinars (4/4)

Student Board

CEMS Student Board Meeting in Zurich, December 2012
The Student Board is the voice of the CEMS students within the CEMS global alliance.


The Student-Alumni Mentorship Programme (SAMP) is designed to actively develop the CEMS alumni network by advising future CEMS alumni on their professional career planning.

Student Social Responsibility

"The Student board strongly believes in CEMS' commitment to develop global citizens as business leaders.