Selection Criteria

The CEMS MIM is exclusively open to students enrolled at one of the CEMS member schools or universities in a Master’s programme (M.Sc.) in Business Administration, Management or Economics. Students apply for the programme at postgraduate level, and the programme must be completed together with the home school’s Master’s programme requirements.

In some CEMS universities, the home degree is a one-year programme, at other CEMS universities, only students taking part in specific programmes are eligible for the CEMS Master’s – further details can be found at each university’s CEMS office.

Students are selected for the CEMS MIM on the basis of their potential for an international career.

  • Intellectual Potential & Knowledge (formal education, ability to analyse, learn/reflect, prior knowledge in the business field)
  • Attitude & Soft Skills (Desire to achieve, Interpersonal competences, Integrity, Critical Thinking, Motivation for the MIM Programme)
  • International orientation (curiosity for differences, sensitivity & adaptability, spirit of facing challenges, international openness)

The key selection criteria will be assessed through written and/or online application documents and through a personal assessment interview or assessment centre. The final decision on admission to the CEMS MIM programme is taken by the member school based on the application material and the outcome of the interview/assessment center.

Students are first selected for entry to the CEMS MIM programme, then offered destinations for their term(s) abroad. Preferences for the location and the sequence are taken into consideration.