Graduation Requirements

To graduate, the CEMS student must have successfully completed all obligatory components for the CEMS MIM and her/his home degree.

Most students graduate within six months after having finished the programme. However, there is a deadline that students will have to meet to be allowed to graduate:

  •  Maximum 1.5 years passed between graduation from the home degree and fulfilment of all other CEMS MIM requirements.

Failure to meet the deadline will result in loss of entitlement to graduate from the MIM programme without further by-case assessment by the CEMS Graduation Committee.

The CEMS MIM certificate will show grades.

The Graduation Ceremony takes place each year during the CEMS Annual Events (usually at the end of November) which is hosted by one of the CEMS member schools.

In 2017 the Graduation Ceremony will be hosted by University of Sydney Business School. 

In order for all Graduands interested to be able to attend the ceremony and successfully have all necessary travel and visa arrangements, CEMS schools have decided to slightly modify the deadline to apply for Graduation :

 5 September : Last day to start an internship

30 September : Accomplish all obligatory components of the MIM

Extended deadline until 10 November ONLY for the following : an internship started no later than 1 September, the local degree passed by 10 Nov., and a pending language exam result from an exam taken in September (all with written confirmation by 30 September).


CEMS Annual Events 2015, GSOM, St. Petersburg