Business Projects

Business Projects are consultancy-like projects designed as a real-life learning experience for students: international student teams solve a real business problem as a one-term, part-time activity. They reinforce the partnership between universities and companies in jointly shaping students' learning processes in international management. It accounts for 15 ECTS, which is about 50% of Term 2's workload.

Rules, Roles and Relations concerning Business Projects

Project results are evaluated by the academic and corporate advisors. Students may be requested to write a report and/ or give a presentation, both as a group.

Students are thus offered the opportunity

  • to gain insight into business life
  • to train their analytical and problem-solving skills
  • to apply research methods
  • to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice
  • to learn process management
  • to acquire social skills
  • to get to know potential employers and re-define their professional goals.

Students are expected

  • to take responsibility for the project
  • to strive for the best results
  • to share the workload equally within the team
  • to communicate well with their advisors.