Curriculum involvement

From the beginning, the CEMS MIM was conceived as a programme that aims to bring the corporate world to the very centre of the CEMS learning experience.


As a bridge between the academic and corporate world with a focus on academic excellence and the development of responsible leadership skills, the CEMS MIM has been top-ranked by the Financial Times since 2005. This would not be possible without the support and contribution of our Corporate Partners for whom a number of specific activities have been designed to ensure this unique interaction with students:

  • CEMS student selection

CEMS Corporate Partners have the opportunity to influence the profile of students entering the programme. Companies are invited to join interview panels and assessment centres and to apply their real-life perspective to the evaluation of selection criteria fulfilment.

  • Block seminar

One-week intensive seminars on Advanced Management topics kick off the MIM programme at all member schools. Corporate Partners may participate and offer content, facilities and/or other logistical support. In return, companies benefit from strong image branding vis-à-vis CEMS students at the earliest stage of their CEMS MIM studies.

  • Develop or take part in CEMS MIM courses

The cooperation of companies with university professors on CEMS course delivery enables corporate partners to contribute to the learning process of the CEMS cohort as well as strengthening their image within the CEMS community.

  • Business Projects

Business projects involve international teams of CEMS students co-tutored by both academic and corporate representatives and working on a consultancy-like project . Corporate Partners are asked to provide a real-life business problem and to appoint an advisor supporting the team work. In return, companies will be presented with the results of an extensive study and concrete solutions on the problem they raised, while having the opportunity of scouting emerging talent for potential hiring.

  • Skill Seminars

Typically one-day (min. half-day or max. 2-day) interactive training seminars help students develop skills relevant to management life. Corporate partners design the seminar content (usually simulation of a business life situation) in cooperation with the member school and provide a trainer who holds the session and gives feedback to students.

  • Internship

A minimum 10-week internship performed outside of the student’s home country represents a fundamental requirement of the CEMS MIM programme. By offering an internship position to a CEMS student, Corporate Partners have a unique opportunity to test student’s abilities over a reasonable period of time. Upon completion of the internship, each student must receive from the company a CEMS Internship Evaluation Form assessing the student’s performance.

CEMS Corporate Partnership - Curriculum Involvement from CEMS on Vimeo.