Objectives & Organisation

Organised both on a central and country-by-country, the CEMS Alumni Association has pursued three main goals.

Since its creation in 1993 the CAA has set itself the triple mission of:

  • Promoting the CEMS MIM
  • Creating and maintaining friendly lasting contacts among CEMS Alumni
  • Providing a professional network and opportunities for its members


CEMS alumni are eager to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures in Europe and beyond. These values find expression in the way the CEMS Alumni Association functions. Organised on a worldwide basis, the CAA is led by the CAA Board of eleven Alumni members and is present in each country through Local Committees (LCs) driven by active CEMS Alumni.

The mission of the CAA Board is to foster the CEMS Alumni community by proposing and developing initiatives that reflect CAA objectives. A team of committed alumni, supported by the CEMS Alumni Executive Director, promotes social and professional activities at an international level. The CAA also represents alumni interests on the CEMS Executive Board and supports development of the CEMS MIM.

The CAA Board is composed of at eleven members. At least the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer. Members are elected every three years during the CEMS Annual Events by the LCs.

LCs all over the world are responsible for keeping in contact with CEMS Alumni, CEMS Schools and CEMS Student Clubs and organising professional and social activities. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the activities and development of the CEMS Alumni Association, and jointly elect the CAA Board every three years.