CEMS Alumni Association

The CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is a crucial pillar of the CEMS Community and has grown to be a network of close to 11,000 Alumni, a number that is growing at an accelerated rate as more and more students graduate from one of the world's top Master's in Management programmes offered at 30 of the top Universities and Business Schools around the world.

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Founded in 1993, the CEMS Alumni Association (or “CAA”) is a strong social network but also an increasingly valuable professional platform. It enables CEMS graduates to continue to enjoy the international and multicultural experience that they will have experienced as CEMS students. It also organises various professional events in the form of panel discussions, workshops, conferences and seminars in which to share ideas and knowledge. Membership of the CAA and attendance of alumni-run events enable CEMS alumni to broaden their professional knowledge but also their professional network.

Since its creation the CAA has pursued three main goals:

  • Creating and maintaining friendly lasting contacts among CEMS Alumni
  • Providing a professional network and opportunities for its members
  • Promoting the CEMS MIM and the CEMS experience generally

Organised on a multi-country basis, the CAA is led by the CAA Board and is present in each country through Local Committees (LCs) driven by active CEMS Alumni.

The CAA Board comprises eleven members  who are elected every three years during the CEMS Annual Events by the Local Committees. The CAA Board represents alumni interests on the CEMS Executive Board and supports the development of the CEMS MIM.



Local Committees

Local Committees are fundamental in keeping a global alumni network active on a local, country-to-country basis.

Engage with CEMS Schools & Students

Engage in personal development opportunities and promote and support the CEMS MIM programme to increase the reputation and value of your own Master's title. 

Objectives & Organisation

Organised both on a central and country-by-country, the CEMS Alumni Association has pursued three main goals.

CEMS Alumni Association Membership

Founded in 1993, the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is here for your continual support wherever you are in your life.