Faculty groups

The necessity and opportunities for academic inter-faculty cooperation have increased significantly in recent years. This cooperation is crucial to the evolution of the MIM programme and CEMS research initiatives.

Faculty Groups constitute an opportunity for academics from CEMS schools to work with peers on issues central to their personal research. These groups function within the framework of the CEMS MIM programme.

They also fulfil the requirement for international cooperation in Block Seminars and CEMS courses. Additionally, they create numerous opportunities for joint book, article and/or research projects, as well as the organisation of doctoral education workshops.

Current 14 CEMS Faculty Groups:

  • Business and the Environment
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Ethics
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Enterprise Network and ICT
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Gender and Diversity Management
  • Global Strategy
  • Innovation and Design
  • Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Public Management and Governance