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CEMS Head Office

Presentation of the CEMS Head Office Team, working from France. Visit us, find your public transport.

CEMS Programme Managers

CEMS Programme Managers have a fundamental role in the CEMS organisation.

Student Board Members

Student Board at Koç, 2010.
List of students that form the Student BoardRegistered students will get more information on the Student Board in the Student Private zone

CEMS Clubs

CEMS Club Helsinki, organisers of the 2010 CEMS Nordic Forum
CEMS Clubs presidents are provided with an interface to update the information listed here, within the Student Private Zone (login needed) This current public presentation of CEMS Clubs is minimalist.

CAA Board

Elected on a three-year mandate, the CAA Board is the global representative body of the CAA.Its main aims are representing the interests of its Local Committees (LCs) and CEMS Alumni members and ensur

Alumni Local Committees

Local Committees are fundamental in keeping a global alumni network active on a local, country-to-country basis.Whilst the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) is led centrally by the CAA Board it is present


Contact Form used to contact the CEMS Head-Office, either per person, or per subject. Please note that if you want to provide general suggestions, bug reports or feedback about the new web site,